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What Inspires Me?

With so much going on in the world that gnaws at my gut, I find myself searching for and feeling immense gratitude for the things that bring me joy. I love painting these things as a way to get closer to and feel a connection with the source of that joy.

Sometimes it's the beauty of compassion: the strength of hearts that reach out with power, not to conquer but to help raise others up. Sometimes it's the beauty of a scene untouched by human hands, reminding me of what a small part we play in the larger world that existed long before us and will continue long after we are gone. Sometimes it is the face of another human being in which I can see that spark shining.

I love the time I am able to spend painting these things. It's a calming exploration, a meditation during which I can immerse myself in a more perfect place. It's a wonderful challenge to try to capture the emotions it elicits in me for others to see.

Is it escape?⁠ Yes, most definitely so. But to escape into the world of possibility is to travel to a place where I feel joy and hope, and, armed with that hope, I'm better able to cope and help others. If it can give pleasure to the viewer as well, then I am blessed with the opportunity to feed others while nourishing myself. A gift and a joy!

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