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So Soon? So Far?

I remember this spring day so many years ago. I remember this little boy and the joy we shared.

I remember the blessing of the Monarch who landed briefly on his finger’s perch. She must have sensed his gentle way. I remember being so happy to know we had a summer ahead of us full of sunshine, butterflies and blossoming to share... gifts I took so easily for granted then.

Of course I knew summer would eventually cede to fall. And of course I knew that all too soon we must all fly off to destinies unimaginable and far away. But so soon? So far?

And now, after a short visit from this little boy, now all grown, I find myself sending him off again on his own migration toward a destiny neither of us can fully fathom. It leaves me here among the falling leaves to smile through tears at the memories, feeling grateful for the gift of his all-too-brief time in our care, under our wings.

2020 is not a year I want to hold onto, but summer’s end always finds me nostalgic. I feel so grateful for all I have been given: the simple little joys and the profound blessings that I took for granted, when now I know nothing is promised forever, and no thing is as solid as we think it might be.

I’m so grateful for the seasons I have shared with people I love and the blessings of the Monarch and other souls who share this fragile and beautiful world.

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