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It’s Birthday Month!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I recently read a sad Twitter post from a woman who wondered what to do when none of her family members remembered her birthday and whether she should even tell them. My response: Tell EVERYONE... early and often!

So here goes⁠—July is birthday month for me! I mention it throughout the month (ask anyone in my family) whenever I think of some indulgence like a cannoli, or a walk or help with some small project….

So far this month, I’ve let it be known that I’d love to get my car cleaned, I’ve been fantasizing about warm croissants with pistachio cream and my ideal afternoon would be a hike in some pretty place I haven’t visited before, followed by dinner at some lovely overlook. Already some of these things have come true, and I’m feeling blessed.

Want to do your part to help me celebrate? Here are a few of ideas:

  • Stop by the studio and say hello. I loved greeting old friends and meeting new ones at my first Open Studio in June, so I’ve decided to have Drop-In Studio Hours from 3-6 p.m. on August 7: the first Saturday in August.

  • Bring (or send by the end of August) a check for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, which we’ll use to help girls at the clubs develop their entrepreneurial and art skills.

  • Buy an original painting (like this fresh off the easel canvas, Sunset on the Ridge), and know that 50% of the proceeds will go to support helping girls at Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford develop their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Cannoli. Did I mention how much I love cannoli?

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate my birthday month (or yours), my birthday wish for all of you is to find passion, purpose and laughter in your days.

Carry on!


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