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Dawn Breaking

I’m thinking of a new series called Dawn Breaking to reflect that lovely, quiet moment before the sun has risen when we see the distant glow on the horizon letting us know a new day is here. The colors are muted, but there’s the promise of something brighter coming.

Dawn is a peaceful time. There are the moments before daybreak when the color is muted, but glowing. Then there is that first wink of light that feels like a kiss on the cheek. And finally the explosion of light, like a full-throated aria, when the sun takes her righteous seat on the mountaintop, ascendent once more.

It seems we’re waiting for that ascendance now, holding our collective breath while the full-throttled light keeps ducking behind the clouds of confusion hovering on the horizon. But as sure as day follows night… right? I feel scared, like our ancients must have been during an eclipse, holding their breaths and willing the light to return. We saw dawn break, and that is a beautiful thing in and of itself. I want to hold onto that promise while we wait for the sun to return.

So during this month of giving and celebration, I plan to donate 100% of the price paid for any painting you'd like to purchase from my Gallery for Good. And to make shopping even sweeter, you can name your price. I’ll accept any offer starting at 50% of the list price, and 100% will go to a nonprofit partner you choose, so we'll both feel good about bringing hope and light into our world.

If you are feeling celebratory, too, and grateful to see the sun rising, I hope you’ll make a purchase for yourself or for a friend. Think of it as your chance to own a memento to celebrate the moment.

With the election calls on Friday, I celebrated with Steve over a lovely dinner in our outside kitchen pit. We shared a fine bottle of Italian red, and I woke up with a smile in my heart for the first time in four years.

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