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Again and Again and Again!

Remember the dreaded scene from Groundhog day where the alarm flips from 5:59 to 6:00 again and again and again? I find myself in the same situation turning in bed while it’s still dark out to see what time is flashing on the alarm clock across the room. And at 6am, if not before I am out of bed for another day in the studio. And every day it’s the same thing: Paint, learn, paint, lunch, paint, walk, listen, look, read, write, reject, rejoice, learn and paint some more.

But oh what a glorious repetition it is! How lucky I feel to wake up to another day of being able to repeat this cycle. Of course there are days of disappointment and discouragement. And there are days when life interrupt my plans - some of them lovely and some of them not so much. But like Bill Murray - each day, while it is the same, is a little different because of what I’ve learned the day before, and each day sees a little progress. Only unlike Bill Murray, I’m not anxious to get out of this cycle - I will be forever grateful that it’s lasted as long as it has! And since the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, I think I’m assured at least six more weeks...

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