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The Monkey, the muse, and me

Sometimes she comes in a blinding light, cymbals crash, the heavens open…. Sometimes she tip toes in and you don’t even know it until later and you wonder, “did I do that?”. Flow. Happy Accidents. Inspiration. Genius. The Muse! Has she visited you yet?

I want to explore ways to encourage her and ways to make sure I’m ready when she is. What attracts Her? How can we predict with a little more likelihood when she might stop by. And what can we do so keep her here a little longer. Who knows, maybe there’s a way to get her to set up shop in the studio, or at least nearby.

Then there’s the Monkey. Chances are, if you create art, you’ve met him. Sometimes he’s just annoying. Distracting. “Hey check this out!” “Squirrel!” “Woah, did you ever think about….” Sometimes he makes you question yourself - “It might make sense to do a little more research”, ”If you’re not into it take a hint”, “Probably a trip to the art supply store would be helpful….” And then there’s the times he’s downright cruel - “Seriously?” , “OMG”, “And what exactly were you thinking???” He’s l like so many busy bodies, trouble makers, and other jerks you have to put up with because maybe they’re family, or co-workers, or parole officers... But there are strategies for dealing with them, right? How can we deafen ourselves to his shrill mocking, his siren call of distraction and in general minimize the damage Monkey can wreak.

And then there’s Me - And maybe you? How do we build a creative habit, grow, and be happy? What are the routines, tools, and techniques that make us productive, happy, connecting and contributing to our communities, our tribe, our planet?

I’d love to share ideas my journey and hope you will share yours. I’m also aware that at the beginning of any adventure is a potpourri of emotion which inevitably sends out the call for both the Monkey and the Muse… My plan is just to keep painting and see what happens.

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