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Another Day

OK, admit it. Did you wake up, like I did, a little disappointed to find that the world had not miraculously righted itself on January 1? I’d put so much hope in 2021, and then it arrived looking a lot like the day before… what the heck?! So I wrote this poem:

Another Day

At last!

A new dawn

A new day

A blank, bright new canvas

On which to splash

A new day!

A glow on the horizon

Distant in the dark

Hope growing and glowing

Not “just another day”

To be endured

Like those behind

That stretched ahead

Endless and flat

But a new day!

To cherish

To polish

To hold

To mold

A new day

That was not promised

And in the night

Seemed unlikely

Yet is here

Another day!

A mystery

A blossom

A seed

A coin toss

Another day

A new day


Another day!

And yes, here we are. It’s 2021, and now I know that 2020 won’t be fixed by a vote or the flip of a calendar or by wishing it so. Still, I believe it’s an opportunity for new beginnings. Here’s what I’ve decided to give up: Nothing. Here’s what I resolve to do more of:

  • To be kind to myself and others as we muddle through,

  • To be grateful for the little things that are so easy to take for granted,

  • To contribute through my paintings to organizations doing great things.

More specifically, when it comes to paintings, I will be focusing on two series:

Heroes: portraits of people who inspire me and contribute to making our world a better place. I’ve always found painting a portrait to be a lovely way to be with someone, to explore and celebrate who they are and why they inspire me. Some of my heroes are from history, some from my personal narrative, some from the community. And if you have a hero you’d like me to know about, please email me!

Dawn: This year, this time, this moment in history has been so dark, and yet... there is that spark, that glow on the horizon that beckons us forward with hope, and that light is all the more beautiful and luminous for the surrounding dark.

But mostly I want to explore, to grow as an artist and to celebrate the beautiful things in our world, while making a contribution to the community.

To that end, I would love to hear from you about organizations you know that are doing good things in the community. It’s been wonderful to help those I care about and to learn about others, and I hope to expand that circle this year as I partner with other nonprofits for an auction, Gallery for Good fundraiser or some other unique project that makes a difference.

First Kiss, 16"x20", oil on canvas

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