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Artist Statement


I came to painting relatively late in the game. I was a doodler as a kid and played with water color but when I tried oil painting in my thirties it was love at first brushstroke. At the time I was a small business owner with limited time to paint, but since my “rewirement” I am in the studio daily.


I am drawn to the heart of things: Beauty. Courage. Compassion. I look for scenes that pull me and bring the inspiration back to the studio where I develop the composition I think with best transform my emotional response into a visual image. I am moved by champions of the heart who find their strength in love and use their power to lift others up. Whether working abstractly or representationally, my search is always for this emotional resonance. At the same time, my engineering background compels me to unravel the rules and science of color and composition. And it is that dance back and forth between head and heart that fascinates me.

I find inspiration and restoration in the New England landscapes which as part of the 3rd generation here is perhaps not surprising and while I do some abstract and portraiture, the peace and beauty of open spaces tend to be my subjects these days. I am moved their emotional pull. I love the heart connection many of us have for the land and the tales these scenes have to tell us: stories of a history much longer than ours and a future much more patient. I find peace in vistas of earth, sky, and sea, existing in perfect equilibrium without our interference as well as pictures of us as a part of the landscape, connected and communal.

I feel very grateful to able to paint almost every day and as a way to give back  I donate 50% of my proceeds to organizations doing good things in the world. I am blessed to have my studio attached to the house, so I can pop into the kitchen for a tea break with my husband and back out to where my art and the dogs lie patiently waiting....

Exhibitions, Acknowledgements

2023 - Artist in Residence at SUNY ESF Adirondack Interpretive Center

2023 - Lost Acres Vineyard - Gallery For Good

2023 - Webster Bank Exhibit in support of Farmington Land Trust

2022 – Canton Artist Guild juried membership

2022 – Connecticut Women Artists juried membership

2022 – Lost Acres Vineyard (Solo Show) Granby, CT

2022 – West Hartford Art League (Juried Membership Show) West Hartford, CT

2021 – Spectrum Art Gallery (Group Exhibition) Centerbrook, CT

2021 – CT+6 (Juried Show) West Hartford, CT

2021 – Farmington Library (Solo Exhibition) Farmington, CT

2020 – West Hartford Art League (Juried Membership Show) West Hartford, CT

2019 – Studio Borgo (Artist Residency) Borgo A Mozzano, Italy

2006 – Gables (Solo Show) Farmington, CT


Arts Education

Though unencumbered by formal arts training ;>) I cannot claim to be self-taught as I have enjoyed the tutelage of many fine professional artists and teachers through innumerable classes and workshops. I have also spent  more in depth and one on one time with several contemporary luminaries to whom I will be forever grateful:


John MacDonald

Dianne Mize

Frank Federico

Daniel Greene

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