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What’s the Color of Your Soul?

I recently stumbled upon a quote by Marcus Aurelius: “The things you think about determine the quality of your mind. Your soul takes on the colour of your thoughts.”

Looking back to a period in my life not too long ago, I’m not surprised to find this in my sketchbook. It was a dark period, and I felt myself being eaten alive and unable to escape the beast that was engulfing me. I guess this was the color of my soul.

And a little more recently, I finished this one. The world outside hasn’t changed, and, in fact, in many ways it is darker than I thought possible. But being able to spend time in my studio has opened up my heart to the vistas and colors all around me, and having lit the candle in my own heart, I’m much better able to shine a light for others.

Italy Landscape, Castle on a Hill, by Kate Emery

Castle on a Hill, 11"x14", oil on canvas

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